Twins! There, I’ve gotten that off my chest, yes I am a father of twins, one boy and one girl. I live in Vancouver, BC and have been a dad since May of 2011. It has simultaneously been a long and short haul thus far, and I have decided to document some of the events and issues that arise for the benefit of others as well as for myself and my family. I feel that I have a variety of things worth saying that people probably should hear, although they may not want to, based on my credentials which are the following:

  1. Children – Check. It would be sort of stupid to start a daddy blog without being a daddy
  2. Boy – Check
  3. Girl – Check
  4. Twins – Check
  5. Age – I’m not as naive as I once was

When contemplating starting this blog, I realized that I have a vast amount of content available that would likely be useful in some way to parents (not only fathers) and so my mission is to give useful information and tips for those on the prowl for such tidbits. Also, I genuinely hope to create a bit of an online community of people to share the good and the bad of becoming and being parents. One last thing worth mentioning is that I can be somewhat sarcastic, irreverent and flippant at times and I make no apologies for that, but ask that if you think I’m being a jerk, then re-read my comments with this in mind.


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