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What to Do: Kid Friendly Activities

So here is a quick and dirty post geared towards helping you help yourself and help others. My lovely wife made me aware of a website that helps you find kid friendly activities in your area on a map. It works a little like Padmapper, if you’re familiar with that site. The content of the site is user generated, so you can also add suggestions to the site. I happen to believe that parents are just the right group of people to make a site like this work because we are all looking for great ideas for things to do with our little ones, and in my experience, we are also a pretty helpful group of people who are willing to help other parents out. Help prove me right by giving this site a visit and possibly even contributing some ideas of activities in your area.

Here’s what the creator of the site has to say:

I have created a website for people to find, share, and comment on kid-friendly places and activities which can be found at http://kidfriendlyplaces.org. Its a work-in-progress ┬áso I am trying to figure out if “real” people in the real world (ie, people other than my friends or coworkers) would use it and how. If any of you have a moment to spare, I’d love to know your thoughts.

For the record, I am not affiliated with this site at all, I just think it is a great idea and a potentially good resource.